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Christmas Is Not Cancelled, Inc.

Yule Sweatshirt- Navy Blue

Yule Sweatshirt- Navy Blue

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Introducing our exclusive navy sweatshirt with a playful twist, designed to spread holiday cheer and celebrate the spirit of Christmas!

Created by "Christmas Is Not Cancelled," this cozy sweatshirt features the word "YULE" in festive snow white letters set against a Christmas night navy backdrop, reminiscent of the iconic "YALE" logo. The substitution is a delightful nod to the holiday season.

"Yule" be wearing it proud when you learn that with this purchase, "yule" be making a positive impact in multiple ways. Not only does it support the operations of "Christmas Is Not Cancelled" and our charity partner,

Project Orphans, this cozy sweatshirt was hand made with love by single moms in Peru, allowing them to provide for their children while creating our beautiful merch.  

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