What started as a one time mission to give Christmas to families in crisis during the pandemic, has evolved into a series of impactful giving campaigns featuring family-friendly celebrities from various networks, centered around fostering a sense of community hat gives back.

At Christmas Is Not Cancelled, we represent an online community of world changers, including celebrities, influencers, fans, Christmas enthusiasts, and brands, uniting to contribute to a greater good. Our goal is to spread Christmas cheer all year long and create a healthy space within the online community that promotes generosity and kindness, while offering participants the chance to win exciting prizes. Together, we work towards our shared mission of supporting children in need.

After overwhelming success and joy filled responses from participants, Jen Lilley and Ale Boggiano, founders of "Christmas is Not Cancelled" came to the conclusion that the charitable fundraising model is outdated and insufficient. Having been deeply involved in the non-profit sector—Jen as an ambassador for children's causes and Ale as a head of PR and marketing for a prominent New York-based non-profit—they realized nonprofits often face financial constraints and must allocate significant time, money, and effort to fundraising, diverting focus from their core missions. The Christmas is Not Cancelled community believes charities shouldn't have to bear the burden of fundraising alone.  So, we've stepped in to put the fun in fundraising, making it enjoyable by offering life-changing prizes and experiences, while ensuring nonprofits can focus more on their vital missions.


How it works

At Christmas Is Not Cancelled, we aim to spread the joy of Christmas by providing gifts to 25,000 vulnerable children. Starting on October 20, you can purchase a gift for a child in need on our website, and with each purchase, you'll be entered into our Christmas Is Not Cancelled sweepstakes, earning at least 1 entry per dollar spent during our campaigns.

The holiday gifts are delivered directly to Toys for Tots, and a portion also goes to children in the Childhelp, Project Orphans, and Tulsa Girls Home programs.

We also host online interactive programs, like Camp Christmas in July and Christmas University in the fall, to build a community and support our fundraising goals. Participating in these events also earns you entries into our sweepstakes.

Additionally, 10% of all merchandise purchased on our site is donated to our charity partners as a cash contribution to cover their operations.

While purchases on our site benefit charities and reward you with sweepstakes entries, please note that these transactions are not tax deductible. If you'd like to make a direct donation to our partner nonprofits, we encourage you to visit their respective websites.

Comfort Cases


Project Orphans

Toys for Tots

Tulsa Girls Home