Childhelp:  If you’ve ever heard Jen talk about foster care and her heart to help abused and traumatized children, then you’ve heard her passion for Childhelp and the truly healing and inspiring work they do. Their work is so transformative, their founders have been nominated for 9 Nobel Peace Prizes.  If it were up to Jen, she’d take up the next two hours of your life telling you about Childhelp, so we’ll just point you to Childhelp’s website and tell you they’re amazing.  

Comfort Cases: Comfort Cases founder, and incredible human, Rob Scheer, was given a trash bag to pack his belongings, as he entered his first foster home at the age of 12. When he aged out of the system at 18, he became homeless, and again packed up his belongings in a trash bag. Nearly 30 years later when he became a foster parent, his four children arrived at his home with trash bags. He was saddened that nothing had changed. In 2013, Rob’s family and their community founded Comfort Cases and set out on a mission to eliminate trash bags from the foster care system. 
Over 700 children enter the foster care system each day. MOST ARE GIVEN A TRASH BAG TO CARRY THEIR BELONGINGS.
These children have been neglected and often feel like they don’t matter. Many do not own a toothbrush or have a pair of pajamas.
A Comfort Case gives a child entering foster care a sense of dignity and hope. Each is packed with a cozy new pair of pajamas, a stuffed animal to hug, a toothbrush, soap, and other personal care items. The gift of these simple items tells a child, you matter.  

City Serve:   CityServe is a wonderful non-profit that is all in for foster care. Their ALL IN for FOSTER ADOPTION is a national call for partners in every state to commit to being ALL IN for finding forever families for the 122,000 waiting children in the foster care system.  Every waiting kid in the foster care system is at risk of ending up in another system–juvenile justice, homeless, or trafficking. We can take 122,000 down to ZERO children in foster care when everyone decides to be ALL IN. Learn more.

Sackcloth + Ashes:  Okay, we know Sackcloth + Ashes isn’t a charity, and none of the additional 10% donation will be sent to them, but do you know Sackcloth + Ashes is another company on a mission that incorporates incredible philanthropic work with every part of their business?  As just part of their wonderful impact, Sackcloth + Ashes is donating 2021 blankets + books to include in our backpacks, and their founder, Bob Dalton, is a huge part of our story